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        Investing Specialists


        We recap the week on Morningstar.com and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

        Editor's note:九洲娱乐网 Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

        Editor's Picks九洲娱乐网
        Morningstar's Tax and IRA Guide
        Strategies and investment ideas for lessening the tax bite.

        A Midyear Portfolio Checkup in 7 Steps
        After the first-quarter market volatility, the time is right to see if any adjustments are in order.

        33 Undervalued Stocks
        Here are our analysts' top ideas in each sector this quarter.

        Remember When High-Frequency Trading Was a Bad Thing?
        Nothing has changed, except that the controversy has vanished.

        Sharpening the Tools of the ESG Investor: Morningstar’s View
        Improvements to ESG metrics and disclosures matter for all investors.

        How Simple Rules Can Beat the Market
        It all comes down to two well-known factors.

        Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
        New Tax Filing Deadline Affects More Than Just Taxes
        Tax and retirement planning expert Ed Slott looks at financial aspects to consider now that the tax filing date is later.

        What's the Best Diversifier for Stocks?
        Treasuries have been effective ballast, but that's not certain to continue.

        Mutual Funds and 九洲娱乐网Exchange-Traded Funds
        International Equity Funds Bounced in Second Quarter
        The comeback was uneven, however.

        3 Funds for the Dividend Investor
        Alex Bryan reveals some funds for dividend investing during volatility.

        Riskier Fixed-Income Sectors Bounce Back in the Second Quarter
        Decisive central bank action and investor optimism for a swift economic recovery spurred a titanic rally for riskier sectors in fixed-income markets.

        九洲娱乐网Corporate Bonds Stand Out in Second Quarter
        As the fears that drove credit spreads to their widest levels in 20 years failed to materialize, corporate credit spreads tightened meaningfully throughout the second quarter.

        This Dividend Strategy Emphasizes Shareholder-Friendly Companies
        Consistent dividend growth is key.

        3 Reasons Healthcare Is Showing Fit Performance
        And what we expect to see moving forward.

        Quarter-End Markets Summary: 6 Charts and Tables on the Q2 Rebound in Risk
        What to make of the April to June period.

        But the disruption caused by COVID-19 has little effect on the device industry’s moats.

        Growth Parties Like It's 1999, but Don't Rule Out Value
        Morningstar style indexes reveal market divergence and opportunity.

        Energy Sees Boost in Second Quarter
        But first-quarter wallop still stings.

        Morningstar's Take on the Second Quarter
        Our analysis of the second quarter in stocks and funds.

        Pandemic-Focused Buyers Shaped Consumer Defensive's Quarter
        Here are two stocks that catch our eye.

        Interest in Americold Heats Up
        This REIT should be better insulated from the deleterious impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

        Q2 Saw Tech Turbulence as Workers Sheltered at Home
        What we expect from July.

        Coronavirus Hurts Digital Ads Less Than Expected
        The pandemic has pushed businesses to more rapidly start and complete their digital transformation.

        Dividend Investors Look for Light in a Dim Year
        Finding undervalue stocks among challenged dividend-payers.

        Stock Analyst Updates
        Berkshire Hathaway Adds to Energy Assets
        We do not expect to change our fair value estimate for the firm after its acquisition of Dominion Energy's gas operations.

        What Postmates Acquisition Means for Uber
        We think the deal could strengthen the firm's network effect moat source.

        Rekenthaler Report
        九洲娱乐网Considering a Financial Transactions Tax
        If implemented properly, the duty could potentially help everyday investors.

        Advisor Insights
        Treasury Issues Favorable CARES Guidance--With a Tight Deadline
        The generous and liberal interpretation of the act’s provisions provide substantial flexibility and options to retirement-plan owners.

        九洲娱乐网The Long View
        Mary Beth Franklin: To Fix Social Security, 'Everybody Is Going to Have to Be Unhappy'
        The retirement columnist and Social Security guru discusses the pandemic's implications for retirement planning and how to ensure Social Security's solvency into the future.

        Sustainability Matters
        九洲娱乐网Sustainability Matters: Sustainable Stock Funds Held Their Own in Second-Quarter Rally
        They have significantly outperformed for the year to date.

        Why Rebalancing (Almost Always) Pays Off
        This year's turbulent market was yet another reminder of the power of portfolio rebalancing for risk reduction.

        Most Requested Stock Quotes
        Dominion Energy

        Most Requested Fund Quotes九洲娱乐网
        T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth
        Vanguard Dividend Growth
        Fidelity Contrafund
        Vanguard 500 Index
        Fidelity 500 Index

        Most Requested ETF Quotes九洲娱乐网
        Invesco QQQ Trust
        SPDR S&P 500 ETF
        ARK Innovation ETF九洲娱乐网
        Vanguard S&P 500 ETF
        Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF