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        What we expect from July.

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        Editor’s note:人工智能带来的好处 Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

        Brian Colello: 人工智能带来的好处Similar to the broader market, technology stocks have been on a wild ride over the past six months. As of June 5, the median technology stock is about 8% overvalued, in our opinion. Now, at the start of 2020, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the median tech stock was about 11% overvalued, and valuations were as frothy as we've seen since 2007. Now, with the sell-off at the end of March, at the depths of the COVID sell-off, tech was 20% undervalued. So, the sector has really rallied back to again now be 8% overvalued.


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