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        Quarter-End Insights


        Our analysis of the second quarter in stocks and funds.

        As the second quarter of 2020 comes to a close, Morningstar's analysts have provided in-depth reviews and outlooks across equity sectors and fund categories.?


        33 Undervalued Stocks镇江麻将

        Here are our analysts' top ideas in each sector this quarter.

        After a Sharp 2Q Rebound, Fewer Bargains in Stocks镇江麻将

        A third of our North American coverage mis undervalued compared with two thirds last quarter.


        We're Forecasting a Strong Long-Run Economic Recovery镇江麻将

        We don't think the market's engaging in irrational exuberance.

        6 Charts and Tables on the Q2 Rebound Risk镇江麻将

        What to make of the April to June period.

        A Mid-Year Portfolio Checkup in 7 Steps镇江麻将

        After the first-quarter market volatility, the time is right to see if any adjustments are in order, writes Christine Benz.

        Dividend Investors Look for Light in a Dim Year

        Finding undervalue stocks among challenged dividend-payers.

        Pandemic-Focused Buyers Shaped Consumer Defensive's Quarter

        Here are two stocks that catch our eye.

        3 Reasons Healthcare Is Showing Fit Performance镇江麻将

        And what we expect to see moving forward.

        Energy Sees Boost in Second Quarter镇江麻将

        But first-quarter wallop still stings.

        Q2 Saw Tech Turbulence as Workers Sheltered at Home

        What we expect from July.

        Basic Materials:镇江麻将?Pockets of Value Remain in Agriculture, Chemicals Industries

        Communication Services: 镇江麻将Battered TV and Advertising Industries Undervalued

        Consumer Services:?镇江麻将Travel and Leisure Stocks Look Attractive

        镇江麻将Consumer Defensive:?镇江麻将Stocks Now Heated But Opportunities Remain

        Energy:镇江麻将?Despite Rally, Energy Stocks Still Look Cheap

        Financial Services:镇江麻将?Be Careful with Financial Services Stocks Today

        Healthcare:?镇江麻将Sector Less Appealing After Market Rebound

        Industrials:?镇江麻将We See Value in Defense, Construction and Industrial Distributors

        Technology:镇江麻将?Few Buy Ideas in the Tech Sector Today

        Real Estate:镇江麻将?Good Value Can Be Found Among Hard-Hit Real Estate Subsectors

        Utilities:镇江麻将?Finally, Some Buying Opportunities in Utilities


        U.S. Equity Funds Rebound in the Second Quarter镇江麻将

        U.S. stocks have pulled off an astounding recovery.

        Sustainability Matters: Sustainable Stock Funds Held Their Own in Second-Quarter Rally镇江麻将

        They have significantly outperformed for the year to date.

        How Did the First Half Pan Out for Passive Funds?镇江麻将

        Here's a recap of performance, flows, and fund launches during the tumultuous first six months of 2020.

        Same Old Story: Growth Beats Value镇江麻将

        Large growth maintains its supremacy in the Morningstar Style Box during a volatile first half for mutual funds.

        Are You Questioning Your Foreign Stock Funds?镇江麻将

        Why these funds are struggling and what to do about it.

        International Equity Funds Bounced in Second Quarter镇江麻将

        The comeback was uneven, however.

        Riskier Fixed-Income Sectors Bounce Back in the Second Quarter?镇江麻将

        Decisive central bank action and investor optimism for a swift economic recovery spurred a titanic rally for riskier sectors in fixed-income markets.

        Corporate Bonds Stand Out in Second Quarter

        As the fears that drove credit spreads to their widest levels in 20 years failed to materialize, corporate credit spreads tightened meaningfully throughout the second quarter.

        Download the quarter-end data.镇江麻将